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September, 14 2017

What’s next in B2B Marketing? Q&A with Suzanne Moore

B2B Marketing Digital Marketing

Buzzwords don’t generate leads or sell your product but we, as marketers, are bombarded with them every day. Inbound marketing, MQL, SQL, demand generation, ABM, and ROI – the list goes on. Marketing [...] Read More

August, 31 2017

Top 6 Most Interesting Atlanta Marketing Events in September


There’s no other city we’d rather be in – and for good reason! Atlanta is packed with opportunities and things to do on the weekends and professionally. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss t[...] Read More

August, 30 2017

HTTP vs. HTTPS: Your SEO Guide to Securing Your Website

Digital Marketing

Google announced at the beginning of the year that having an unsecured HTTP website (vs HTTPS) will negatively affect your site’s search results ranking. Google keeps its promises. Just this month, th[...] Read More

August, 23 2017

Inbound Marketing Results: Using HubSpot’s Lead Flow Tool to Increase a Lead Conversion Rate by 164% in 3 Months

Inbound Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Our experience at Marsden Marketing is that inbound marketing works, and we see the evidence time and time again. But we like to show and not just tell, so let’s jump in and look at a recent success w[...] Read More

August, 17 2017

Top 3 Best Practices for Facebook Paid Advertising

Social Media Reporting & Analytics

When Facebook opened its guest list to businesses in 2008, marketers were presented with a new opportunity to connect with their customers. Since its beginnings in a college dorm, Facebook hasn’t stop[...] Read More

August, 04 2017

August Marketing and PR Events in Atlanta


  In many fields of work, continuing education is helpful, but in marketing and communications, it’s essential. Technology, trends, and communication platforms change constantly. Keeping up with the l[...] Read More

July, 28 2017

Is Account-Based Marketing Right for Your B2B Company?

Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy

For B2B marketers, the hot new acronym is ABM (account-based marketing). In just a short time, it’s suddenly the Holy Grail that will solve everything. Read More

July, 19 2017

The End of an Era: My IP Address Has Changed

Digital Marketing

A major challenge of working in the digital space is constantly changing technology. Last week, I was surprised by the extinction of a commonplace aspect of internet-connected technology that we all u[...] Read More

July, 12 2017

SaaS and PPC: A Winning Combination for Lead Generation

Paid Search SaaS Marketing

Google AdWords is a great lead generation tool and can deliver highly targeted traffic for SaaS companies, but it can also be costly because of the high competition for software and technology keyword[...] Read More

July, 06 2017

The Essential SEO Checklist for SMBs

Sales and Marketing SEO

When you work at an SMB and wear multiple hats, search engine optimization can seem like a daunting task. The problem is that 75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results in [...] Read More


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