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    Now Is the Time for RevOps. Here’s Why.

    Written by Anne Marsden on October 9, 2023

    RevOps is the new North StarIf you’ve been feeling the tectonic shifts in the B2B landscape, you’re not alone. The terrain is changing. Strategies and tactics we relied on to drive revenue growth are fast becoming obsolete. But there is a new North Star emerging: Revenue Operations (RevOps).

    In our digital age where buyer behaviors are as dynamic as the market itself, old playbooks don’t cut it anymore. To be successful as growth leaders today, we need to lean on strategies that are not only aligned but also agile, responsive, and holistic. That’s where RevOps comes into play.

    RevOps is not just a buzzword. It’s a framework that helps businesses align tools, processes, and people to better navigate the realities of today’s B2B world. With the increasing shift to recurring revenue models and the undeniable value of data-driven insights, it’s clear that RevOps is more than just a trend. It’s the future of B2B success.

    The Evolving B2B Landscape: Understanding the Rise of RevOps 

    B2B isn’t what it used to be. Rapid technological advancements, shifting buyer behaviors, and a more interconnected global economy have reshaped the playing field. The growth of the subscription-based economy has been a huge contributor to the shift toward Revenue Operations. And reoccurring revenue stream requires a more holistic approach to revenue generation.

    RevOps aligns sales, marketing, and customer success/support.

    But the move toward a reoccurring revenue business model is not the only factor giving rise to the prominence of RevOps. There’s also the increased demand for personalized experiences that blur the lines between B2B and B2C. B2B buyers want more seamless and personalized experiences across all touchpoints. A disjointed approach in today’s context can lead to missed opportunities.

    Likewise, data is also ushering in the age of RevOps. The sheer volume of data available today helps business leaders identify opportunities for growth and craft efficient engines that drive repeat business at scale.

    Finally, there’s the increasingly competitive and complex market landscape to contend with. The proliferation of technology has lowered the barriers to entry in many B2B sectors, increasing competition. And more competition means businesses need any and all advantages to gain a foothold in today's market.


    RevOps: The Strategic B2B Remedy 

    In the face of these market challenges, the Revenue Operations framework emerges as a solution that solves the pressing challenges we all face as leaders. It ensures a unified approach across people, tools, and processes, offering:

    1. A holistic view of the customer: Integrating data from sales, marketing, and customer success provides businesses with a 360-degree view of the customer, providing us with better insights and strategy alignment.
    2. Agility and speed: With greater team alignment, we can reduce the time from strategy to execution — enabling faster go-to-market strategies and execution.
    3. Maximize revenue potential: By having all go-to-market functions aligned toward the same goal, RevOps helps us extract the full value from each customer.

    Setting RevOps for Success: It Starts From the top 

    RevOps is more than just a mechanism for aligning go-to-market functions, tools, and processes. It’s a strategic approach designed to dismantle silos, foster collaboration, and drive growth across the entire customer life cycle.

    But for RevOps to truly transform organizations, it must start from the top. As leaders, we are the torchbearers of an organization’s culture and vision. Our involvement helps set the tone and vision and send a clear vision to the organization on the importance of RevOps that enables teams to rally behind it.

    We have the unique ability and authority to break down the silos that hold so many companies back from attaining RevOps success. You can help teams get into alignment by establishing shared RevOps goals and metrics and allocating and requesting the right resources to support your team. And you can have a direct hand in fostering the right work culture and environment.

    In fact, the success of RevOps is heavily contingent on the active involvement and endorsement of leadership. As highlighted in Forrester’s latest report, organizations that saw the most success with their RevOps initiatives had strong executive sponsorship. These leaders didn't just endorse the idea of RevOps; they actively participated in its strategic planning and execution.

    Of course, there are other factors that need to be considered to properly set up a RevOps function like consolidating data and technology. But without executive sponsorship, the ability to succeed with RevOps is almost impossible.


    Setting RevOps for Success: It Starts From the Top 

    The B2B landscape is in a state of flux, with traditional paradigms being constantly challenged and redefined. Amidst this change, Revenue Operations stands out not as a fleeting trend but as a foundational shift in how businesses approach revenue generation. A foundation built on alignment, efficiency, and growth.

    For B2B leaders, the message is clear: Embracing RevOps is no longer a choice. It's a strategic imperative. It's the blueprint for navigating the complexities of the modern B2B world, ensuring sustained growth and competitive advantage. As the digital age continues to reshape the business landscape, those who heed the call of RevOps will be best positioned to lead, innovate, and thrive.

    While understanding how to best make the shift to RevOps can be challenging, enlisting the help of a partner can help. Together you can work on how to build the best RevOps team structure for your business along with a roadmap for consolidating tools and processes.


    To learn more about RevOps and how to get started, review our comprehensive guide on all things RevOps.


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