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June, 03 2021

7 Rules to Get Over e-Exhaustion and Drive Virtual Engagement

Content Marketing PR and Event Marketing

This is purposely not a vlog. I am tired of video. I am tired of being on camera. I am tired of virtual. I miss face-to-face. Heck, I even miss a good old-fashioned phone call. Every meeting, every ev[...] Read More

September, 12 2019

5 Steps to Get Podcast Interviews in Your Industry

PR and Event Marketing

Marketers who are looking to diversify their content strategy should really consider adding podcasts to their content mix. Since 2018, podcast mobile app usage has increased 60 percent, and according [...] Read More

July, 18 2019

PR 101: The Press Release

PR and Event Marketing

There comes a time where you will be tasked with creating a press release. If you have done one before, great! If not, then this blog is for you. Read More

August, 31 2017

Top 6 Most Interesting Atlanta Marketing Events in September

PR and Event Marketing

There’s no other city we’d rather be in – and for good reason! Atlanta is packed with opportunities and things to do on the weekends and professionally. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss t[...] Read More

March, 28 2017

Pay for Play: Where Paid PR and Marketing Join Forces for Good

PR and Event Marketing

Pay for play: Not such dirty words any longer. In a time with fewer journalists and a need for content driven by the digital world, the lines between traditional PR (in which you earned coverage by pi[...] Read More

December, 27 2016

How to Create Content that Editors Will Publish

Content Marketing PR and Event Marketing

In our last PR-focused blog, we talked about why news releases aren’t necessarily going to get the job done for your business these days, and how you can begin to open conversations with journalists a[...] Read More


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