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Marketing is shifting from acting on instinct to acting on insight. Digital marketing gives us more data points than ever, but it's still a combination of art and science. Marsden Marketing's experience and methodology ensure we measure the data that makes a difference.


"At Marsden Marketing, data isn’t just spreadsheets and reports — it’s the basis for the informed decisions we make. It powers our actions and accelerates our clients' growth."

—Anne Marsden

How Marsden Marketing Uses Data to Accelerate Your Results:

Database Segmentation

Create a clear picture of who you're targeting.

Content Personalization

Match your messages to your audiences for higher engagement.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Know how campaigns and channels each contribute to sales.

Performance Optimization

Continuously iterate to improve key touch points.

Resource Allocation

Get a better view of performance to maximize ROI.

Data Visualization

See things differently, make better decisions.

“Marsden's depth of B2B marketing expertise combined with their insights from working with companies of all sizes and industries helped us determine what worked best for us.”

—John Thompson | Mobile Communications America

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