Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marsden Marketing helps our B2B clients improve their sales operations and effectiveness in core areas:


Establish a common vocabulary and goals.

  • Agree target markets, buyer journeys, and your differentiators
  • Define terms and agreement on roles/handoffs
  • Set cadence and feedback loops for reporting


Set up common information, processes, and technologies.

  • Establish a clean set of records
  • Develop and implement lead scoring
  • Define sales processes and automations
  • Provide reporting visibility to all groups


Measure and improve automation processes

  • Conduct content audit; create sales materials
  • Configure and integrate sales automation tool
  • Develop triggers and sequences.
  • Analyze to continuously improve.

"Having grown from acquisitions, we had a number of disparate sales processes and lacked consistency. Marsden pushed us to question how we were doing things and why. The result was a better, more efficient sales process."

—John Thompson | Mobile Communications America

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