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Digital Advertising


Be Where Your Prospects Are

You've created a great website with content that really speaks to your buyers — now it's time to extend your reach, get their attention, and bring them to you. But where to start?  

Marsden's high performing campaigns combine the right channels, creative, and offers to attract your prospects at each stage of their "buyer journey."


Marsden B2B Media Specialists are experts in:

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Are You Getting the Most from Your Ad Spend?

Digital ads don't perform well in a vacuum. Inbound marketing, content, and ad management expertise are essential to your campaign's success. Marsden works with our clients to create, analyze, and optimize integrated programs to maximize the performance of each specific component and drive greater combined results.

From brand awareness to web traffic to lead generation, paid digital advertising should be part of your B2B marketing mix.

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Our Approach

Ad Strategy

The most critical step is defining the goals of your campaign. By understanding your buyer personas, their specific challenges, and where they go to learn, the Marsden team crafts a data-driven program for success.


We segment each persona by pain points and channels used. Creative and content are personalized to meet specific industries and functions. CTAs are tailored to each stage of the buying process.

Channel Optimization

There are thousands of options for digital ads. Selecting and managing the mix to reach your buyers most effectively is the goal. Our process of “placing your bets” is based on data and insights fueled by Marsden's experience.


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