B2B Shouldn't Be B2Boring

Content only connects when it's relevant, timely and personalized. It's telling stories that resonate in attention-grabbing formats and distributing them through channels where your audiences hang out. Ready to get going? Marsden Marketing builds content engines for a living.


The Components:


Knowing the different participants in each buying group allows you to tailor your stories to their pain points and needs, in their voice.


Finding where they go to learn and share enables you to be a part of their ecosystem, not just hoping they find yours.

Technology Optimization

Leveraging your technology stack to deliver more relevant and timely content increases your engagement at each stage in the buying process.

Compelling content has to captivate....do you follow the goldfish rule?

It's Noisy Out There!

Maximizing both the creative and the impact of your content investment is key. Marsden helps clients speak loud and clear by using:

content distribution 2  Buyer Personas

content distribution 2  Buyer Journeys

content distribution 2  Content Gap Analysis

content distribution 2  Storytelling

content distribution 2  Multiple Content Types


Where's Waldo?

The best content in the world will never be seen if it looks like everyone else's and it's not where your prospects are. Marsden's content specialists will make sure you're found with:

  content distribution 2  SEO

  content distribution 2  Content Syndication

  content distribution 2  Social Media/PR

  content distribution 2  Digital Advertising

  content distribution 2  Direct Mail (really!)

Persistence Pays Off

As much as 80 percent of the content that B2B buyers download is never read. It’s what you do next that matters. Marsden leverages your technology to automate touch points with:

content nurture 1  Personalized Email Workflows

content nurture 2  Outbound Sequences

content nurture 3  Retargeting

content nurture 4  Events


"Marsden pushed us to understand that to connect with our markets, we had to talk from their perspective, not ours."

—Bruce Walt | Partner, HORNE LLP