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September, 21 2017

The Challenges of Bringing Your Dog to Work

Digital Marketing Agency Marsden Marketing

Lessons from the Digital Marketing Dog Henry There are many challenges of working in a marketing agency. Managing different workflows for multiple clients, staying up-to-date on new marketing trends, [...] Read More

February, 14 2017

Relationship Advice: Saying “I Do” to Your Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

"Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?" — Groucho Marx You court each other. You pitch a little woo. We all know first comes love, then comes marriage … then co[...] Read More

January, 24 2017

Hiring a marketing agency? Here’s how to set the right course.

Digital Marketing Agency B2B Marketing

My friend Greg once lost his grip on a golf club during a hack at a practice ball. The golf club flew over a two-story house and crashed through the back windshield of a used Mercedes owned by the nex[...] Read More

December, 21 2016

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (Holiday) Things

Digital Marketing Agency

Need a little boost in holiday spirit as we head into a weekend of festive celebration? In our newest video, our Marsden Marketing team members (joined by a few furry family members), share what makes[...] Read More

August, 09 2016

How to Select the Right Marketing Agency Partner

Digital Marketing Agency B2B Marketing

Let’s face it, choosing a marketing agency is tough. Choosing the wrong one can cause your organization to fall behind in meeting its annual growth plans. With so much pressure on CMOs and Marketing D[...] Read More

June, 29 2016

10 Quick Tips to Make Your Meetings More Efficient

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

“Hey! It’s Lauren with Marsden – I’m going to go on mute.”  The unavoidable, meeting. It’s the bane of many workdays across many industries. Interrupted employees trek into small conference rooms to d[...] Read More

March, 22 2016

Hammer to Nail – Picking the RIGHT Project Management Tool for Your Marketing Team

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting projecting management software for your agency can feel a lot like walking into Home Depot for your first DIY project. You have your vision. You’ve done some research, watched some tutorials[...] Read More


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