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August, 11 2015

7 Questions to Ask to Create a More Effective Unique Value Proposition

Branding and Design Marketing Strategy and Planning

If you want to have a successful business, you should strive to have, at the very least, these two things: 1. A dedicated team that believes in the products or services you sell. 2. A growing customer[...] Read More

May, 06 2014

The Impact of Fonts on B2B Website Design and Branding

Digital Marketing Branding and Design

For a long time consumer brands seemed to have all the font fun. After all they were trying to engage with consumers. B2B was the stodgy older brother when it came to font creativity since they were s[...] Read More

July, 02 2013

What the You Should Learn from Paula Deen's Communication Disaster

Branding and Design

July couldn't come fast enough for Paula Deen. June was a train wreck. She saw her carefully built culinary brand implode with accusations of racist remarks and what seemed like impulsive and emotiona[...] Read More

August, 09 2012

How To Stalk The Competition: Achieving Social Media Stalker Status

B2B Marketing Digital Marketing Branding and Design Demand Generation and ABM Revenue Operations

 Read More

May, 30 2012

Perception is Reality: The Value of Marketing

B2B Marketing Branding and Design

Imagine that you are taking a flight home after a long week working in another city. You get on the plane and realize that you have been assigned a middle seat wedged between two other hot, tired peop[...] Read More

August, 30 2011

Best-In-Class Marketing Organizational Structures

B2B Marketing Branding and Design Demand Generation and ABM

By Becky Carr Read More


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