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Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden

Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.

Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden
Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.
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May, 02 2024

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: Pros & Cons

Marketing Technology and Analytics

B2B marketing automation platforms are the backbone of any successful B2B marketing strategy, especially if you're looking to grow and scale effectively. Most have transcended their traditional roles,[...] Read More

October, 09 2023

Now Is the Time for RevOps. Here’s Why.

Revenue Operations

If you’ve been feeling the tectonic shifts in the B2B landscape, you’re not alone. The terrain is changing. Strategies and tactics we relied on to drive revenue growth are fast becoming obsolete. But [...] Read More

July, 09 2023

Is Your Website SCO-ready? (That's not a typo)

Revenue Operations

Savvy B2B marketers are keenly aware that without quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their websites are about as effective for generating leads as an unlit billboard on a dark stormy night. If [...] Read More

March, 15 2022

B2B Acquisition Channels to Turn Prospects into Customers | Anne Marsden on the Pathmonk Podcast

B2B Marketing Demand Generation and ABM

We don’t have to tell you how big podcast marketing has become, and it only continues to grow – studies show that 57% of Americans have listened to a podcast and 41% of those listen to podcasts on at [...] Read More

April, 02 2020

B2B Marketing During a Global Crisis

Marketing Strategy and Planning

EVERYTHING has changed in the last month. There’s not a single person, organization, or business that hasn’t been suddenly and drastically shaken by the urgent need to fight the pandemic. For many of [...] Read More

September, 19 2019

Is Your Website Underperforming? Answer These 10 Questions

Digital Marketing

Websites today are more complex than ever before. They carry the weight of both messaging and SEO, and a hidden structure of tools designed to enhance analytics and promote lead generation. At least t[...] Read More

November, 14 2018

Funnel or Flywheel? Who Said It’s One or the Other?

Marketing Strategy and Planning Revenue Operations

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan introduced the flywheel in early 2018 as the new visual paragon for how to attract, engage, and delight customers. It was bold, it was visually simple, and it was brilliant![...] Read More

November, 15 2017

4 Signs Your Demand Generation Program is Flatlining

Demand Generation and ABM

B2B sales and marketing leaders are frustrated with the effectiveness of their demand generation programs. So, what’s going wrong, and how do you fix it? Of course, there’s no single, or simple, answe[...] Read More

August, 30 2011

Best-In-Class Marketing Organizational Structures

B2B Marketing Branding and Design Demand Generation and ABM

By Becky Carr Read More

June, 09 2011

Don't let 'em fall!

B2B Marketing Marketing Strategy and Planning

 Read More


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