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Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden

Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.

Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden
Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.
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Posts by Anne Marsden :

July, 30 2015

Vanco Payment Solutions: A Client Growth Story

Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy

The Challenge   Marsden Marketing was engaged to assist Vanco Payment Solutions as it made a complete repositioning from being a general market payment processor, to a specialized processor focusing s[...] Read More

February, 24 2015

Should B2B Companies Use RFPs to Choose a Marketing Agency Partner?

B2B Marketing

The RFP (Request for Proposal) process has been a tried and true tool for selecting and hiring vendors across the spectrum of services. But are they still the best means of selecting a marketing servi[...] Read More

November, 20 2014

SOS: Crucial Tactics for Recovering from a Social Media Emergency

Social Media

Social media brings a personal touch and human voice that is vital to our digital strategies. But, people will make mistakes and technology will have its glitches. So what do you do when Sally Social [...] Read More

July, 01 2014

Do You Need Marketing Automation? Answer These 5 Questions

Digital Marketing Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) are all the rage these days. Certain B2B industries have jumped on the bandwagon faster than others, but all the industry analysts project that this is a market t[...] Read More

May, 22 2014

Digital Marketing Summit 2014 Buzz is About Engagement

B2B Marketing

Content has been front and center in digital marketing discussions and it’s still a cornerstone of all digital marketing. But what was clear at the Digital Marketing Summit is that there is a calming [...] Read More

March, 11 2014

A Look at the Real Cost of Getty Images’ Recent Announcement

B2B Marketing

Last week, Getty Images, the world leader in stock photography, made a surprising – and somewhat confusing – announcement. The company, who makes millions each year licensing photography rights to com[...] Read More

February, 27 2014

B2B Marketing Automation – Why You Need it and How to Use It.

B2B Marketing Marketing Automation

Part 2 of the blog series: B2B Marketing - 2014. Adoption of marketing automation tools has passed the tipping point. One survey found just over half of B2B marketers are already using marketing autom[...] Read More

February, 18 2014

B2B Marketing – 2014. The “ARRT” of Marketing in a Digital World

B2B Marketing

  Part 1 of a 2-Part Series According to a LinkedIn survey conducted by the B2B Technology Community of its nearly 60,000 members, more than 70 percent of respondents are either actively using marketi[...] Read More

January, 16 2014

4 Reasons B2B Blogging and Social Media Fail – and Tips for Success

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Blogging

Technorati Claim Token Please Ignore: V4AK5H8DCUUE Whether you are a marketing manager looking to incorporate blogging and social media into your 2014 mix of programs, or struggling to get more out of[...] Read More

January, 07 2014

Are You on the Wrong Side of History for B2B Technology Marketing?

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy

A few days ago I read a blog by noted IT entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and blogger, Ben Horowitz, about “Can-do vs. Can’t-do” cultures. It struck a chord with me on a lot of levels. The blog asks [...] Read More


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