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June, 29 2016

10 Quick Tips to Make Your Meetings More Efficient

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

“Hey! It’s Lauren with Marsden – I’m going to go on mute.” The unavoidable, meeting. It’s the bane of many workdays across many industries. Interrupted employees trek into small conference rooms to di[...] Read More

April, 28 2016

Increase Your Team's Efficiency With Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Project Management

AUTOMATION. The denotation of the word is “the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.” (Merriam-Webster) Translation: The EASY button. The purpose of Marketing[...] Read More

March, 22 2016

Picking the Right Project Management Tool for Your Marketing Team

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting projecting management software for your agency can feel a lot like walking into Home Depot for your first DIY project. You have your vision. You’ve done some research, watched some tutorials[...] Read More

February, 23 2016

3 Ways Project Management Will Improve Your Team’s Efficiency

Project Management

“So, what exactly do you do?” As a marketing professional, I run into this question fairly often. The outside picture of the digital marketing agency is a bunch of blue -haired hipsters spending their[...] Read More


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