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    Filling the Funnel: Content that Converts

    Written by Kaleigh Blessard on June 17, 2021


    Content is everywhere. Consumers can easily be overwhelmed with the surplus of information on every topic imaginable, not all of it well-researched or accurate. So how do you stand out and identify yourself as a trustworthy, knowledgeable source your target audience can depend on? 

    I’m Kaleigh, a demand generation specialist at Marsden Marketing, and today, we’re going to be discussing that very thing: how you can fill your funnel by creating content that converts.  

    In today’s digital age, good marketing can’t be product- or service-focused – it has to be customer-focused. With so many brands competing for their attention from every angle, your clients will notice when you show a genuine interest in them and their needs. 

    The first thing you need to understand is that every group of buyers, no matter how they’re segmented, is made up of individuals. These individuals have different needs, different interests, and they’re at different stages of the buyer’s journey. To appeal to such a varied group, you need to provide a variety of content in a variety of formats, so you can engage with more people.

    Ask yourself these 6 important questions: 

    Who do you want to reach? 

    What do you want to say to them? 

    Why should they be interested in your content? 

    How will you present it? 

    Where will your target audience find it? 

    When is the best time for a prospect to discover a particular piece of content? 

    One of the biggest obstacles to creating content is the amount of resources: time, money, and talent. The good news is that you can cut down on all three of these by revisiting and repurposing old content. Of course, sometimes you will have to start from scratch. But if you take the time to carefully audit your existing content library, I bet you’d be surprised at how much can be reutilized with just a little TLC. 

    Take a look at your blog posts and long-form content. Is there anything that can be recreated as a new kind of media, like a video or podcast episode? Now is the time to get creative! 

    Before you launch any new content, you need to make a plan for how you’ll measure your results. That means identifying the KPIs and metrics you’ll keep track of. Surface-level metrics like interactions are good, but you’ll also want to pay close attention to things like conversion rate and cost per lead.

    So what now?

    First, you’ll need to gather your content into one place and conduct a content audit. Evaluate which pieces are still relevant, which need to be updated, and which can be set aside for now. Identify any potential gaps in coverage by buyer persona, pain point, buyer stage, and content type. Then, set up priorities for filling in those gaps. Next, identify the resources you’ll need and a timeline to get it all done. Finally, set a budget for content development. 

    For more information on how you can fill your funnel by creating content that converts, check out the resources we’ve linked below. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time! 


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