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September, 28 2017

Our Most Popular Summer Blogs

Blogging Marsden Marketing

We had a busy summer here at Marsden Marketing, so it’s no surprise the months flew by. In that time, we covered all sorts of inbound marketing blog topics on the Marsden Marketing blog. And we hope y[...] Read More

February, 16 2016

Take Your Blog Posts to the Next Level With Engaging Images

Blogging Graphic Design

The images you choose for your blog often enhance the reader’s experience. Sometimes, however, a blog will end up tethered to a picture that actually detracts from an otherwise awesome post. If you’re[...] Read More

November, 25 2014

9 Ways Successful B2B Marketers Generate Killer Blog Post Topics

Content Marketing Blogging

B2B companies that are new to inbound marketing typically have one question in common, “What are we going to blog about?” Judging by the number of corporate marketing blogs that start off like gangbus[...] Read More

July, 08 2014

B2B Blog Brainstorming: 7 Strategies to Become an Industry Rock Star

B2B Marketing Blogging

Your B2B company may not be well known to the masses while quietly providing essential support to other businesses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a rock star to the community of customers and pro[...] Read More

May, 28 2014

6 Ways to Accelerate B2B Email Marketing with HubSpot’s Workflow Tool

B2B Marketing Blogging HubSpot

I’ve had my share of interesting experiences with HubSpot’s workflow tool. Some rookie mistakes, some company wins, and some downright mysterious occurrences. But one thing is for certain, the workflo[...] Read More

May, 20 2014

42 Percent of all Stats About Digital Marketing Are Made Up


Got you to click on this blog with that “sexy” stat, right? It’s fabricated. And that’s the point I am trying to make. Are we so starved for context and benchmarks for digital marketing, and so pushed[...] Read More

May, 15 2014

What You Need to Know Now about the HubSpot COS Blog Platform


At long last we have been migrated to the new HubSpot COS Blog Platform. Here is what you need to know about it and our honest feedback about how it’s going. Read More

April, 08 2014

Do Special Characters Bring More Blog Traffic and Email Opens?

Inbound Marketing Blogging

 Read More

March, 27 2014

Why the New HubSpot COS Will Rock Your Blogging World


Here’s the deal. HubSpot came out with a new Content Optimization System in late 2013 to replace the Content Management System (CMS) that most of us use to post blogs and manage content. New HubSpot c[...] Read More

February, 06 2014

5 Reasons Evernote is the Best Tool for Your Inbound Marketing Team

B2B Marketing Content Marketing Blogging

I've been using Evernote for years now. Since back in college, in fact, and it has served me very well in many different parts of life. Evernote is very seriously my external brain and an indispensibl[...] Read More


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