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May, 11 2017

Starting a Relationship with Influencer Marketing in your B2B Company

Influencer Marketing B2B Marketing Public Relations

While you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, you pause on a picture of your favorite baking blogger promoting a brand of cake pans she always uses. With just a few words and a beautifully stage[...] Read More

March, 28 2017

Pay for Play: Where Paid PR and Marketing Join Forces for Good

Public Relations

Pay for play: Not such dirty words any longer. In a time with fewer journalists and a need for content driven by the digital world, the lines between traditional PR (in which you earned coverage by pi[...] Read More

December, 27 2016

How to Create Content that Editors Will Publish

Public Relations Content Marketing

In our last PR-focused blog, we talked about why news releases aren’t necessarily going to get the job done for your business these days, and how you can begin to open conversations with journalists a[...] Read More

August, 23 2016

Stop Sending Out “News” Releases

Public Relations

This isn’t another blog about whether the news release (or press release, if you prefer) is dead, or dying, or should die. We’ve all read opinions on that topic, but with thousands going out each day,[...] Read More

April, 12 2016

How to Leverage Digital Tools to Deliver Better PR in 2016

Public Relations

PR’s responsibility is to get the word out about your company, but how can your team accomplish this without using technology? In today’s digital age, you can’t if you want a competitive advantage. PR[...] Read More

March, 24 2016

How to Give Your Inbound-Driven Email Campaigns a PR Boost

Inbound Marketing Public Relations

As an agency, we believe that public relations and inbound marketing go hand-in-hand. They both share the purpose of strengthening your brand identity, increasing traffic to your owned properties, and[...] Read More

September, 29 2015

3 Ways PR Can Amplify Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Public Relations

What do peanut butter and jelly have in common with public relations and inbound marketing? They each go well with the other! Well, maybe not peanut butter and public relations, but inbound marketing [...] Read More

September, 17 2015

#INBOUND15: The Best Lessons I Learned About Business, Life & Live-Tweeting at An Event

Branding Public Relations Social Media

INBOUND: A conference of epic proportions hosted every year in HubSpot’s backyard for customers, industry leaders, and marketing and sales professionals alike. INBOUND is equal parts TED Talk, rock co[...] Read More


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