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Lauren DeRamus

Lauren DeRamus

Lauren was a Project Coordinator at Marsden Marketing.

Lauren DeRamus

Lauren DeRamus
Lauren was a Project Coordinator at Marsden Marketing.

Posts by Lauren DeRamus :

October, 20 2017

Marketers are Swiping Right on Growth-Driven Design – Are You?

Website Design

Do you remember dating before modern technology? For most of us, it looked like spending a lot more time in bars and bookstores, sitting through a few awkward dinners, and, if we were desperate – even[...] Read More

September, 14 2017

What’s next in B2B Marketing? Q&A with Suzanne Moore

B2B Marketing Digital Marketing

Buzzwords don’t generate leads or sell your product but we, as marketers, are bombarded with them every day. Inbound marketing, MQL, SQL, demand generation, ABM, and ROI – the list goes on. Marketing [...] Read More

March, 21 2017

Webinars 101: A crash course in B2B webinar best practices

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing Digital Marketing

Fun fact: In 2011, Hubspot set the Guinness World Record for largest online marketing seminar. Another fun fact: For about three months last year, I was submerged in a deep sea of webinars. A favorite[...] Read More

February, 07 2017

2017 Inbound Marketing Trends

Inbound Marketing

As 2017 continues to roll on, hopefully you’ve emerged from the sea of to-dos the beginning of the year brings and are back in the business of fishing for better ways to reel in new leads. We’d like t[...] Read More

October, 20 2016

Introducing the Marsden Vlog! (+ 12 Email Marketing Tips)

Content Marketing Video Marketing

If you're an avid reader of our blog, you may have caught some of our recent posts about getting your video program off the ground (and if you didn't, check them out now!) Why the focus on video marke[...] Read More

September, 28 2016

The Inbound Auto Shop: It’s Time for Your Marketing Tune-Up

Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing

Let’s face it; just like your beloved vehicle, your inbound marketing program requires the occasional tune-up. Regularly scheduled maintenance is an integral part of running a successful and profitabl[...] Read More

August, 05 2016

How to Get Your B2B Video Content Program Started

Content Marketing Video Marketing

“The “play” button is the most compelling action on the web.” – Convince & Convert Thanks to visual media sharing sites, like Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Live and Periscope, video bl[...] Read More

June, 29 2016

10 Quick Tips to Make Your Meetings More Efficient

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

“Hey! It’s Lauren with Marsden – I’m going to go on mute.” The unavoidable, meeting. It’s the bane of many workdays across many industries. Interrupted employees trek into small conference rooms to di[...] Read More

April, 28 2016

Increase Your Team's Efficiency With Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Project Management

AUTOMATION. The denotation of the word is “the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.” (Merriam-Webster) Translation: The EASY button. The purpose of Marketing[...] Read More

March, 22 2016

Picking the Right Project Management Tool for Your Marketing Team

Project Management Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting projecting management software for your agency can feel a lot like walking into Home Depot for your first DIY project. You have your vision. You’ve done some research, watched some tutorials[...] Read More


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