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Christina Simms

Christina Simms

Christina was an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Marsden Marketing.

Christina Simms

Christina Simms
Christina was an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Marsden Marketing.
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April, 18 2017

Spring Cleaning, Part 2 of 4: Social Media Maintenance

Social Media Video

The deep clean continues! In part one of the Spring Cleaning series, we focused on the regular maintenance of websites. Part two takes a look at another popular promotional tool: social media. When ot[...] Read More

January, 10 2017

What You Need to Know about Choosing 2017 Marketing Trends and Tech

Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy

I grew up with pet raccoons, and one thing you figure out quickly in their company is how much they love shiny things. Balls of aluminum foil, keys, dangling earrings (my mom learned that the hard way[...] Read More

November, 17 2016

Pairing Your Inbound Program with a Side of PPC & Content Syndication

B2B Marketing Marketing Strategy Video Marketing

You've poured the wine, the table is set, the star of your meal is ready to be carved; but what can you add to your marketing menu to enhance the overall experience (and your ROI)? In the fourth part [...] Read More

October, 13 2016

Email Workflows: How to Get Them Right

Email Marketing

There are days when technology fails to cooperate with me and I daydream of chucking my computer, phone, etc. into a running trash compactor. Or reminisce about the scene in Office Space when they go [...] Read More

August, 16 2016

Do You Know These 4 PPC Best Practices?

Paid Search

Guess how many searches are performed on Google every day? The answer is 1 billion. Along with people searching for the “best Thai food in Atlanta” or “quokka selfies” (if you have not Googled this ye[...] Read More

July, 06 2016

B2B Content Marketing in the Age of Netflix & Binge Watching

B2B Marketing Content Marketing

In the age of Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TVs, the way we watch movies and shows has significantly changed. In fact, the way we consume just about all of the content in our lives has changed. But binge-w[...] Read More

May, 05 2016

Get in Formation: Collect Better Data & Generate More Leads

Lead Generation Sales and Marketing Marketing Automation

Generating leads: It’s integral to the practice of inbound marketing, and it’s driven largely by an exchange of content and information between a company and its prospects. How many times have you han[...] Read More

April, 05 2016

Your Guide to Account-Based Marketing, Part 2: Who to Target

B2B Marketing ABM

In the first blog of this series you got a rundown of the basic ins and outs of account-based marketing. Now that you know what it is and its benefits, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. In Pa[...] Read More

March, 01 2016

Your Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Part 1

B2B Marketing Business Development Marketing Strategy

If you watched the TV series Mad Men then you are familiar with account-based marketing (ABM) -- whether you know it or not. Don Draper and his partners had some key accounts throughout the series tha[...] Read More

January, 19 2016

12 Content Ideas for Your 2016 Editorial Calendar

Content Marketing

Time to set aside your glass of champagne. After ringing in 2016, businesses are focused on planning and preparing for the year ahead. If content marketing is a part of your marketing strategy (which [...] Read More


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