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Shannon Henrici

Shannon Henrici

Shannon is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Marsden Marketing.

Shannon Henrici

Shannon Henrici
Shannon is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Marsden Marketing.

Posts by Shannon Henrici :

April, 19 2016

5 Reasons to Include Guest Posting In Your Content Strategy

Content Marketing SEO

Guess what? Guest posting is not dead. In fact, it has enough life left in it to spur some controversy in the digital marketing world. Matt Cutts of Google, for example, declared, “So stick a fork in [...] Read More

March, 10 2016

What Story Are Your Monthly Marketing Numbers Telling?

B2B Marketing

Measuring your success in an inbound marketing program is not as straightforward as putting together your quarterly sales report. Although there are still metrics you should track and quantify, your m[...] Read More

February, 04 2016

Website Traffic – Your Guide to What’s Important


Traffic to your website is one of the most important analytics you should track. Unfortunately, not all traffic is created equal. In website traffic there is just traffic, which can be a significant n[...] Read More

December, 03 2015

How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan in 2016

Content Marketing

Does your company have a Content Marketing Plan? If not, it’s time to get one! It is no longer a nice thing to have; it is a must-have to succeed in today’s market. When several B2B businesses were as[...] Read More

October, 13 2015

The Future of Search: An Inside Look at the New SEO


Gone are the days of tips and tricks to fool the algorithm into ranking your site first. The future of search is in the hands of the searcher… just as it should be. Every company in today’s competitiv[...] Read More

September, 15 2015

The SEO Checklist Everyone Should Have in 2015

Website Design SEO

As an Inbound Marketing Specialist, it is a big part of my job to drive traffic to a client’s website. It isn’t my only job, of course. I am also responsible for creating strategies to turn that traff[...] Read More

August, 25 2015

Should You Consider The Buyer's Journey When Choosing Keywords?


Last week we talked about the buyer’s journey. How does this apply to keyword research? Or does it? Why yes, it most definitely does! With SEO, sometimes we get so focused on keywords to rank for quic[...] Read More

July, 29 2015

The Importance of Understanding User Intent in Keyword Selection


Ever have one of those conversations that goes completely off track, because you misunderstood what someone was trying to say to you? Take this example: You are having a conversation with a significan[...] Read More


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