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Charlotte Cook

Charlotte Cook

Charlotte was an Inbound Marketing Associate at Marsden Marketing.

Charlotte Cook

Charlotte Cook
Charlotte was an Inbound Marketing Associate at Marsden Marketing.
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Posts by Charlotte Cook :

October, 05 2017

SEO for Video: How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel and Videos

SEO Video Marketing

I know what you’re thinking, how can you optimize a video when there’s no written content? Well, you can’t necessarily optimize a video’s content, but you can optimize your YouTube channel and other e[...] Read More

August, 30 2017

HTTP vs. HTTPS: Your SEO Guide to Securing Your Website

Digital Marketing

Google announced at the beginning of the year that having an unsecured HTTP website (vs HTTPS) will negatively affect your site’s search results ranking. Google keeps its promises. Just this month, th[...] Read More

July, 12 2017

SaaS and PPC: A Winning Combination for Lead Generation

Paid Search SaaS Marketing

Google AdWords is a great lead generation tool and can deliver highly targeted traffic for SaaS companies, but it can also be costly because of the high competition for software and technology keyword[...] Read More

May, 30 2017

8 Reasons Why Branded PPC Campaigns Are Beneficial for B2B Brands

B2B Marketing Paid Search

If you’re not a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) guru, you might be asking yourself what is a branded keyword? It’s a keyword that contains your company name or one of the products or services unique to your busin[...] Read More

April, 25 2017

Spring Cleaning, Part 3 of 4: Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Video

If you've been following along with our latest vlog series, you know that we've already polished up websites and social media accounts. Today, it's time to tackle the digital marketing tools used to m[...] Read More

January, 31 2017

Why You Need a Dedicated Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign

Paid Search

Picture this scenario. You walk into a large department store and speak to a sales associate. You ask her to see all their red shirts in a women’s size small. She then takes you to the women’s departm[...] Read More

November, 15 2016

Carving Out the Right Components for Your Inbound Marketing Program

B2B Marketing Marketing Strategy Video Marketing

Just like a hearty roast or turkey, the components of your inbound marketing program can be quite filling. In the third part of our video series, "A B2B Digital Marketing Feast," we'll cover new deman[...] Read More

October, 06 2016

5 Google Analytics Tips for Better Website Optimization

Digital Marketing SEO Reporting & Analytics

Google Analytics can give invaluable insight to B2B companies who want to consistently analyze and improve their websites. This information is important to better serve your target market, discover wh[...] Read More

August, 11 2016

Increasing Conversions with A/B Testing

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re trying to win an argument with your boss or test a new idea, the best way to prove your results is to test different theories and measure which performs best. A/B testing answers all yo[...] Read More

July, 12 2016

5 Ways to Integrate SlideShare into Your Content Strategy

B2B Marketing Content Marketing

Effective, eye-catching content is essential to any marketing strategy. In fact, 73% of content creators plan to prioritize crafting more engaging content for 2016, and 55% plan to prioritize creating[...] Read More


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