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Carla Niknejad

Carla Niknejad

Carla was an Inbound Marketing Associate at Marsden Marketing.

Carla Niknejad

Carla Niknejad
Carla was an Inbound Marketing Associate at Marsden Marketing.

Posts by Carla Niknejad :

August, 17 2017

Top 3 Best Practices for Facebook Paid Advertising

Social Media Reporting & Analytics

When Facebook opened its guest list to businesses in 2008, marketers were presented with a new opportunity to connect with their customers. Since its beginnings in a college dorm, Facebook hasn’t stop[...] Read More

June, 28 2017

The 5 Signs You Need Sales & Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Reporting & Analytics

Let’s face it: advanced, automated technology is everywhere. Coffee is brewed before you even wake up in the morning. Bills are paid automatically. Your GPS can guess where you need to go as soon as y[...] Read More

May, 11 2017

Starting a Relationship with Influencer Marketing in your B2B Company

B2B Marketing Public Relations Influencer Marketing

While you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, you pause on a picture of your favorite baking blogger promoting a brand of cake pans she always uses. With just a few words and a beautifully stage[...] Read More

February, 28 2017

Data Vs. Intuition: When to Use Data and When to Go with Your Gut

Marketing Strategy Reporting & Analytics

Digital information has taken over the marketing landscape. Marketers used to be valued largely for their creativity and intuition. After good market research, experience and speed drove a successful [...] Read More

October, 25 2016

Beyond the Social Norms: Can New Platforms Work for B2B?

Social Media

The days when social media was exotic to B2B companies are well over – at least when it comes to tried-and-true platforms. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks and Trends report,[...] Read More

September, 07 2016

How to Find Great Outsider Content for Your Social Media Channels

B2B Marketing Social Media

You’ve heard it before: you need great content to be engaging on social media. Luckily, you already have great original content. You’ve got an unbeatable content marketing plan in place. But what do y[...] Read More


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