Driving Business Growth With HubSpot

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DataOceans, a leading customer communications management (CCM) platform provider, was ready to build and scale its lead generation engine but faced challenges in integrating its sales and marketing efforts. Marsden Marketing helped streamline DataOcean’s marketing and sales processes by implementing HubSpot.

Through HubSpot, DataOceans reinforced its inbound strategy, creating a holistic engine for lead generation and tighter sales and marketing alignment.

Services Delivered

  HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding
  HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding
  HubSpot CMS Optimization
  Sales Enablement
  Marketing Strategy Development
  Content Creation
  Campaign Creation
  SEO Optimization


Lead Generation Engine:
Facilitated HubSpot onboarding for Marketing and Sales Hubs, configured HubSpot Chatbot, and provided ongoing Hub training to establish tech growth stack for DataOceans.

Website Optimization:
Implemented HubSpot CMS and optimized website performance by focusing on SEO best practices, value propositions, landing page design, and call to actions to drive prospect conversions.

Brand & Product Development:
Crafted a tailored go-to-market strategy, content plan and calendar, and an integrated campaign design (content, paid ads, PPC, etc.,) to drive lead generation.


Sales Enablement:

Developed sales sequences, playbooks, and sales slicks for effective messaging and prospecting.

Sales and Marketing Alignment:
Harmonized sales and marketing processes for improved lead conversion by defining lead qualification criteria, lead life-cycle stages, and nurture tracks.


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Enhanced operational capabilities by successfully onboarding DataOceans on HubSpot’s platform (Marketing, Sales, and CMS Hubs).

Increased Leads

Increased leads and accelerated sales cycles through integrated marketing campaigns.

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Improved lead progression through the sales funnel with a documented marketing-to-sales process.

Improved Collab

Improved collaboration between sales and marketing departments for efficient lead conversion.

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Increased website searchability, brand awareness, and user engagement.


Marsden Marketing’s custom HubSpot platform implementation and sales and marketing alignment strategies enabled DataOceans to see a significant uplift in lead conversions and pipeline velocity. The comprehensive approach amplified brand awareness in key target markets while creating stronger internal alignment among teams. With a stronger foundation in place, DataOceans is better positioned to grow and scale its client base.

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“Marsden Marketing helped guide the creation of our entire lead gen engine with HubSpot. Because the way Marsden onboarded us onto the platform, learned how to use HubSpot while simultaneously creating the successful foundation for our marketing and sales programs.”

- Chief Client Officer, Data Oceans

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