Interactive Content Turns Into Lead Generation Machine



When Toffler Associates engaged with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) to explore the future threats and technological disruptions over the next decade, they wanted to share the findings of the report with other executive leaders and use the report to generate new leads.

To do this, the value of the asset had to be easily understood by their buyer personas outside of government agencies and evocative enough to encourage a conversion through a seamless and integrated marketing approach.


Headwork Before Footwork: Brainstormed to identify the best avenues for promoting the report, what formats needed to be used, look and feel of each component, and the email nurture programs to put in place to yield optimal results
Buyer Personas: Using these as the foundation of the campaign, the team mapped out the promotional plan from awareness to delight
Leveraging Partnerships: When an infographic was decided on, Marsden used their partnership with Ceros, an interactive content creation platform, to create a visually impactful and interactive user experience
Seamless Integration of Content: Using highly optimized landing pages, social promotion, and email drip to further nurture prospects, the interactive infographic elevated the impact of the entire campaign



44% of Visitors Engaged Content
Of web visitors to the interactive infographic clicked on the CTA


68% CTR Average on Email Campaign
Click-through-rate achieved through email drip campaign


<30 Days to Create and Close Deals
Set a record of generating and closing a deal


Messaging Workshop
Buyer Personas
Promotional Content Plan
HubSpot Automation Platform
Ceros Interactive Software
Email Nurture
Social Media
Testing and Optimizing


Toffler Associates’ goal for this interactive infographic was to generate leads in the commercial space by positioning itself as an industry thought leader while encouraging executives to seek guidance in future-proofing their organizations.

By providing visitors with an enriched and multi-layered visual experience, it outperformed every other asset over the past 12 months with their target personas while expanding their reach as an industry thought leader.


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