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As an industry thought leader, Calero had hosted annual conferences focused on education, peer-to-peer collaboration, and user training on all aspects of its SaaS Enterprise Communications Management solution.

To increase attendance and access to information and discussions, The organization transitioned its paid physical conference to a complimentary virtual experience called Calero World Online.

Calero was interested in further increasing attendance, elevating the user experience, and generating demand and leads as a direct result of the six-week event.

Calero engaged Marsden Marketing to help the organization meet those important goals and provide overall project management for webinar sessions and promotions.

“Calero World Online is one of our largest marketing efforts, and is critical to us maintaining our partnerships with clients and raising our profile as a thought leader and potential provider to new prospects. It’s a huge undertaking with many moving parts, and Marsden Marketing played a critical role in making the event a successful one. They are a key part of our marketing team, keeping us on track, on message and moving ahead as a company.”

- VP of Marketing


  • Project Management:
    Created an extensive project plan to identify and assign all deliverables and tasks according to required timeline and managed:
    • 12 webinars with associated emails, landing pages, and promotions
    • 21 presenters, ensuring they submitted their slide decks where we edited them to brand guidelines and upload them prior to each session
    • Facilitated dry runs of each presentation, including software training
  • User Experience:
    Elevating the user experience was important because Calero did not want the interactive benefits of in-person conferences to be sacrificed.

    Landing Pages – Created one landing page that highlighted the kickoff and keynote sessions for the event including a link to the webinar platform registration pages where a registrant could easily sign up for multiple sessions in one place. Then each session had its own landing page to drive personalized traffic to each one as needed.

    Emails – Designed and automated personalized emails that reinforced the conference branding, message points, and offerings based on presentation content. Customized pre-event emails resulted in increased attendance and after each session, follow-up emails went to two segments customized based on if a registrant attended or not.

    Webinar Platform Console - Set up and designed each console to reinforce branding and speak to the unique audience of each session. Resources and CTAs included messaging that targeted each audience.

    Webinar Moderator – Stepped in to be the voice of each session, opening and closing each webinar with custom messaging while handling live polling and Q&A sessions.
  • Promotions:
    Social Media – Promoted the event via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and created an event hashtag to make information and updates easy to find while encouraging sharing of lessons learned during the six weeks of the event. Also developed paid promotions for Twitter and LinkedIn to drive awareness of Calero World beyond the company’s network.

    Blogs – Wrote multiple blogs that recapped the webinars and encouraged audiences to attend upcoming sessions. We also leveraged recap blogs and newsletters to route blog readers to on-demand content, with the goal of signing them up for a session or converting them to leads.



20% Increase in Virutal Events
Increase of virtual events from the year before


Over 30% Increase in Registrations
Increase in registrations from the year before


270+ New Leads
Net new prospects as a result of the event


Project Management Software
On24 Virtual Event Platform
HubSpot Automation Platform
Personalized Emails
Targeted Landing Pages
Social Media & Paid Promotion


Calero World Online is one of the company’s largest market-facing efforts of the year. With our partnership, Calero produced its most successful conference yet.

Many contacts participated in multiple sessions, and some attended them all. Survey feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees asking for more information and providing ideas for future topics.


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