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Calero, a SaaS Enterprise Communications Management solution, initially engaged Marsden Marketing to drive demand generation within the United States, but after acquiring Belgium-based A&B Groep, Calero turned to Marsden Marketing to support their strategic growth and global expansion.

This acquisition was not just a merger of services but also a blend of cultures and market conditions. It required a nuanced and strategic marketing approach to integrate the distinct markets effectively as well as bridging various teams internally under one brand voice — across multiple languages.

Amid the work to create an integrated marketing team, Calero’s annual conference was in development. The conference, Calero World, focused on education, peer-to-peer collaboration, and user training. With the acquisition, Calero World was about to really go global. Click below to read that full success story!

“They [Marsden Marketing] are a key part of our marketing team, keeping us on track, on message, and moving ahead as a company.

Scott Davis | VP of Marketing


  • Account Management:

    Unified Team Coordination: Marsden Marketing played a crucial role in integrating multiple teams across various locations. By leading unified marketing meetings, the teams not only fostered collaboration but ensured that everyone aligned with the cohesive global strategy.

    Cross-Functional Integration: Efforts were made to bring together various departments, including marketing, sales, and client support, to create a better understanding of each market, its unique needs and how to speak about Calero as a solution – not a product, both globally and within specific geographic markets.

  • Brand Roll Out

    Consistent Branding: A key focus was to create a unified brand image and messaging that resonated across all regions. Marsden Marketing developed a comprehensive branding strategy that maintained Calero's core values while appealing to a diverse global audience.

    Language-Based Content: Recognizing the importance of local relevance, Marsden Marketing supported the creation of language-specific content with each regional team. This ensured that the branding was not only consistent but also culturally and linguistically adapted to each market.

  • Demand Generation

    Buyer Personas: Understanding the unique needs and behaviors of prospects in different regions, Marsden Marketing supported the development of buyer personas based on geographical locations. This research not only helped prioritize the European market but allowed for more targeted and effective messages within those selected markets.

    Database Segmentation: By cleaning and segmenting a new database, Marsden Marketing worked with local teams to create more personalized, language-specific emails. This approach improved engagement rates and helped in nurturing leads in various markets.

    Language-Based SEO and PPC Campaigns: To enhance online visibility and lead generation, Marsden Marketing implemented language-specific SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. These were tailored to the search behaviors and preferences of each geographical region, maximizing the spend, reach, and effectiveness of online marketing efforts. Collaboration with local teams ensured that communications focused on the nuances of each market’s pain points and communication style.

  • Calero World Goes Global

    Adaptation for a Global Audience: Marsden Marketing spearheaded the initiative to make Calero World accessible and relevant to a global audience. This involved coordinating with internal groups to ensure topic relevance based on learnings from buyer personas.

    Targeted Global Marketing: Targeted marketing campaigns were created for specific regions including paid promotions, email, multilingual press releases, web content, and social media. This strategy was crucial in increasing global attendance and engagement, making Calero World a truly multinational event.



Enhanced Market Understanding
The creation of geography-based buyer personas facilitated a deeper understanding among internal teams of regional nuances, leading to more unified and informed discussions. This collaborative approach helped to prioritize efforts based on technology adoption rates and market readiness. This strategic alignment across departments not only improved internal communication but also guided more focused and effective market strategies.


Increased Global Brand Engagement
The unified branding and language-specific content led to a significant increase in brand recognition for Calero throughout Europe. The targeted, language-specific demand generation efforts produced higher engagement rates including increased website traffic, higher email open rates, and improved conversion rates.


Global Client Base Expansion
The targeted global marketing efforts and adaptation of Calero World for international audiences led to a dual achievement: a significant expansion of Calero's customer base across Europe and a marked increase in attendance of their flagship event.


  • Global Brand Strategy
  • Cross-Functional Team Integration
  • Geographical Buyer Personas
  • HubSpot Automation Platform
  • Database Segmentation
  • Multilingual Content Support
  • Language-Specific SEO and PPC Campaigns
  • Event Support and Promotion

Calero world case study

Question: How do you successfully deliver 13 hours of webinar content, manage 21 presenters and engage 500+ clients and prospects, all in little more than a month — and live to tell the tale?

Answer: Partner with Marsden Marketing to manage the event and meet your goals. 

Calero not only wanted to increase attendance, elevate the user experience and generate leads, but also now needed to do this at a much larger scale. See how Marsden Marketing helped turn this event into a true success story. 


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