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B2B Social Media & PR


Social media: magic bullet or productivity black hole? Like anything, it depends on objectives and proficiency. What isn’t up for debate is that social media is a B2B marketing imperative. The question is where to be and how to be genuinely, consistently connected. With an ever-increasing number of social communities to choose from, building the right mix ensures you’re engaging with the right audience.

A complete social media strategy addresses a range of communications objectives:

  • Reaching and engaging with prospects and clients
  • Interacting with industry influencers
  • Integrating with your content and lead generation programs
  • Providing a transparent customer service channel
  • Being a resource for meaningful industry news
  • Employee recruitment

Marsden Marketing provides the full suite of B2B Social Media services: strategy, account management and growth, monitoring and engagement, campaigns, advertising, and lead generation. We don’t do it in a vacuum or as a stand-alone activity. It’s an integral part of your overall digital persona – and your ultimate lead generation success.

Listen, think before you speak, and connect with purpose.
In today’s connected economy, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. In an era when everyone is a critic and everyone has a voice, reputation management is crucial. We help companies develop targeted PR outreach that fits their industry, is tailored to their brand voice, and works in conjunction with inbound marketing and social media efforts.

PR is rarely a quick hit. It’s a long term play to establish a reputation, build relationships, develop trust and earn respect. For B2B companies it is an essential component to the overall marketing mix and Marsden Marketing has the experience to select and pull the right levers:
  • Analyst Relations
  • Blogger and Influencer Relations
  • Crisis Communications & Coaching
  • Executive Customer Councils
  • Industry Conferences & Events
  • Media Relations & Outreach
  • Speaker Placements
  • Trade Shows & Surround

Marsden Marketing helps companies earn a credible and relied-upon reputation in their industries with productive give-and-get conversations, tuned-in industry monitoring, and best-foot-forward reputation management. We do it every single day.

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