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B2B Marketing Strategy


Companies with a vision, but lacking a plan
Companies that want to grow strategically
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You’ve heard the phrase, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Marketing and lead generation are like that. Without a map and a plan it’s a sure bet you’ll burn a lot of cycles – and cash – on random acts.

But strategy isn’t all ivory tower and think tank-y. It’s architecting a clear approach based on understanding yourself, your market, your competition and your prospects.

And it’s not about trying harder to do the same old things better. It’s about uncovering new approaches and applying new thinking to old problems. And thankfully, marketing The Worst Mistake has become more measurable and quickly actionable than ever. The ability to gather and compare quantitative data about everything from keyword rankings to open rates has made it possible to plan, review and fine-tune an integrated strategy in near real-time. It still takes time for plans to take hold and show results but we no longer have to wait months to see trends and take action.

Data is only useful if you have a benchmark.
Marsden Marketing believes firmly in the importance of starting with strategy. We begin every project by considering key objectives and priorities, helping our clients look realistically at their opportunities and challenges, and then mapping a plan to use the most appropriate resources to get them where they need to go.

We ask challenging questions and we tell our clients hard truths. But those conversations are how we stretch to produce insightful, creative and bold programs that help our clients consistently reach their goals, maximize their results, and measure their progress. The process is rarely a piece a cake, but our clients consistently love the sweet taste of success.


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“Marsden was instrumental in creating our entire Go-To-Market Plan. They were able to see our business in completely new ways. From strategy and positioning to branding and communications, to our entire Inbound Marketing program, they were incredible.”

Katy Young
COO at ExactSource

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