B2B Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the #1 goal of B2B marketers.

That’s why Marsden Marketing is fanatical about “Marketing that Sells.” That means positioning, messaging, and programs all geared toward increasing the number of qualified leads in the sales pipeline. We see the integrated marketing and lead generation process like a waterwheel – the more that goes into it the faster it turns and the more power it generates.

There’s a science to it.

There are an endless number of lead generation tactics. Selecting, integrating and implementing the right ones for the best results is hard.

You need the expertise and tools to craft the right lead generation program for your unique goals. B2B marketing today is built on a digital foundation, and is nurtured through an integrated set of activities – both digital and physical – combining solid brand messaging with inbound marketing process, and on-going content marketing that effectively attract, convert, and engage prospects at each stage of their purchasing process. Underpinning all of this are the platforms and tools (CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation, Social Monitoring and Engagement) that enable us to manage, scale, and measure our results.

The Marsden Marketing team is really good at lead generation, conversion optimization and lead nurturing.

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Everything leads to lead generation.

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“Marsden helped re-design our digital presence by creating targeted content, increasing organic and inorganic traffic by 38%, increasing conversions by 219%, and several other key lead generation programs.”

Becky Carr
CMO at CenturyLink Technology Solutions

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