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Mitel Integrated Marketing Campaign Example

Project Overview:

Mitel, a leader in voice telephony, cracked the code for voice telephony virtualization. Now, mission-critical voice applications can be virtualized, in the data center, alongside other enterprise business applications. Mitel wasn’t getting the traction they needed from this competitive advantage so they engaged Marsden Marketing to design and execute an integrated campaign.


Develop an integrated marketing campaign to increase market awareness of Mitel’s differentiated offering, generate leads, nurture and score them until ready for Sales.

Program Design:

A business and competitive assessment of the marketplace were the first steps in creating the creative and tactical elements of an overall campaign. The program theme “It’s not Magic, it’s Mitel.” was developed to highlight Mitel’s position as the only company in the industry that can truly virtualize voice applications. With a relatively small budget, Mitel needed to stand out, grab attention and spur action. The larger than life “blue bunny” became the linchpin for a successful integrated market campaign that leveraged a range of digital and experiential elements, including webinars, face-to-face events, banner ads, content syndication, and drip email campaigns.


“Working with Anne and her team at Marsden has been a great partnership. They have brought a much-needed focus to our marketing. The integrated campaigns they have designed and executed have boosted both our brand positioning and our lead generation. Anne is fantastic at coaching the right value driven messages that help us connect with our customers. I look forward working with them and highly recommend their work.” – Stephen Brown, Regional Sales Director, Mitel

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