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Posts about Lead Generation

November, 10 2017

How to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment with Demand Generation

Lead Generation Demand Generation

The decades-long war between sales and marketing is coming to an end. Responsibilities have merged, and there is new agreement on what metrics are most important to growing new business. If your organ[...] Read More

October, 27 2017

Repurpose Content in 4 Steps for Better Lead Generation

Content Marketing Lead Generation

If you’re thinking about repurposing content, you’ve probably ended up here for two main reasons: You need new content but don’t have the resources (time, team, money) to push something out It’s crunc[...] Read More

May, 05 2016

Get in Formation: Collect Better Data & Generate More Leads

Lead Generation Sales and Marketing Marketing Automation

Generating leads: It’s integral to the practice of inbound marketing, and it’s driven largely by an exchange of content and information between a company and its prospects. How many times have you han[...] Read More

August, 27 2015

MQL to SQL: Defining your Marketing to Sales Process

Lead Generation Sales and Marketing

MQL (em kyoo el) noun Also known as a Marketing Qualified Lead. A prospect that has indicated a level of interest in your organization via a set of actions and is deemed to become a likely future cust[...] Read More

July, 16 2015

How Lead Scoring Can Remove All the Mystery from Prospecting

Lead Generation

The hard work is done. You have a healthy database filled with possibilities. All of your inbound marketing efforts are paying off as you see new contacts flowing in on a regular basis. Marketing is r[...] Read More

February, 17 2015

Choose Your Next Words Carefully: How to SEO Your Website in 2015

Lead Generation SEO

For marketers looking to improve the ROI on their website, SEO content is key. “Wait a minute,” you might be saying to yourself, “I heard SEO was dead!” Nope. It’s still very much alive and well. In f[...] Read More

October, 23 2014

Need More Leads? Get a Service Level Agreement

Lead Generation Sales and Marketing

In part 1 of our series about solutions for CMO Pain Points, we look at the power of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to get Marketing and Sales working more productively on leads.       Leads. How to [...] Read More

October, 14 2014

When Lead Generation Isn’t The Problem

Lead Generation

From time to time, I run across one very peculiar situation when reviewing client cases. It goes something like this:  I'm doing all the right things - but where are all my sales? This is a typical in[...] Read More

September, 16 2014

New Tool Alert! HubSpot Launches New Sales Tools

Lead Generation HubSpot

 Read More

January, 28 2014

4 Ways to Develop a Fantastic Email Marketing Template

B2B Marketing Content Marketing Lead Generation

 Read More


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