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Posts about Graphic Design

September, 22 2015

3 PowerPoint Tools That Will Keep Your Presentations Looking Sharp

Graphic Design

The easiest way to improve the look of your PowerPoint presentations is to keep the slides looking organized. There are some well-known guidelines to have in mind when putting this into practice, such[...] Read More

August, 13 2015

Timmy's Big Decision: A Buyer's Journey Comic

Inbound Marketing Graphic Design

The Buyer’s Journey consists of three main stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. The Awareness stage involves the realization that an opportunity or problem exists. In the Consideration stag[...] Read More

June, 16 2015

What Grandma Taught Us About Landing Page Design

Graphic Design

Grandma always used to make the best landing pages. It turns out, a trip to her house for dinner introduced you to all the fundamentals of landing page design. She knew how to get what she wanted: qua[...] Read More


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