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    Becoming an Agile Marketer: How to Adapt and Compete in Today's World

    Written by Anne Marsden on February 9, 2017

    Businesses in both the B2B and B2C arenas are demanding that marketing keep up with a world that never stops changing. Today, no one can wait weeks to create new content or months to build and release websites anymore. That’s where Agile Marketing comes in.

    Agile Marketing borrows from software development to help companies adapt and respond more quickly, as the needs and interests of prospects and customers evolve. Instead of developing deliverables in a traditional, linear fashion, Agile marketers conduct a series of sprints and review, adjust and reprioritize work based on results.  Agile is a data-driven approach to marketing prioritization and rapid adjustments.

    The results can be impressive. Agile Marketing helps companies:

    • Respond to current data
    • Prioritize more effectively
    • Switch gears more quickly
    • Make marketing teams more productive
    • Improve speed to market
    • Develop a better end product with better outcomes.

    Agile Marketing is about the work of the team, not the individual, and requires a move away from the silos we so often create for each of the functional disciplines in marketing - from content creation, to website optimization, to demand generation campaigns. Agile marketing requires a mindset that embraces collaboration, flexibility and transparency. And Agile ONLY works when leadership embraces both the need for and the transparency that is required to be Agile. 

    At Marsden Marketing, we’re in the initial stages of establishing an Agile approach to key aspects of our work and services, and are embracing the challenge and fun of the change. We have a core tenet of “Fail Fast” - which means to be fearless, to take calculated risks to improve performance, to use data to measure what’s working and to quickly adjust. We’re looking forward to continuing to expand the ways in which we are agile.

    If you’re interested in learning more, download our SlideShare, “Developing an Agile Approach: Why Adaptability Will Be Key for Competitive Marketing in 2017.” And if you’re looking to get more Agile, drop us an email or give us a call.

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