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Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden

Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.

Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden
Anne is the Principal and Founder of Marsden Marketing.
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June, 19 2013

B2B Marketers: The Impact of SalesForce's Purchase of ExactTarget

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing

Uh Oh. SalesForce.com buys ExactTarget, who recently bought Pardot. Is this a good thing? SalesForce.com stirred up a lot of talk announcing their $2.5 Billion acquisition of ExactTarget. Beyond the s[...] Read More

April, 02 2013

7 Steps to turn your website from into a Lead Generation Machine

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Generation SEO

If you are a company that wants your website to actively generate new prospects (and who would say no to that?), then you need to understand SEO - Search Engine Optimization.   Read More

March, 12 2013

Hell Yes, You Need A CMS! Unless...

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy

There is a philosophical debate being waged over whether companies should use a Content Management System (CMS) for their website.  For all but the largest companies, or those with highly specific web[...] Read More

January, 11 2013

Has LinkedIn lost its way?

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Social Media Marketing Strategy

From useful business intel tool to useless popularity contest: Has LinkedIn’s new Endorsements Program undermined the site itself? The first time I got an email notification that one of my LinkedIn bu[...] Read More

July, 05 2012

It's better to catch your leads through a funnel, than with a shotgun.

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing Lead Generation

Every B2B company needs a strong digital Inbound Marketing program as the foundation for their lead generation. It takes time and consistent effort, but without it, your website is nothing but an on-l[...] Read More

May, 22 2012

Leadership: Are You Confusing Being Right with Being in Charge?

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Social Media

I had a boss who drove me crazy. Well, actually who drove me to get another job. The problem was that I could never do anything right, unless I did exactly what she told me to. Nothing satisfied her u[...] Read More

April, 19 2012

Atlanta Startup Council is back. Call for Entries is now open.

B2B Marketing Business Development

Once a year, a group of super talented business leaders gather to provide a day of advice, guidance and support to Atlanta's most promising new companies - for free. On Tuesday, May 15, the Start-Up C[...] Read More

March, 07 2012

The Virtual Organization: 3 Keys to Winning Virtually

B2B Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Branding Social Media

Small footprint, big impact: that is the hallmark of a thriving virtual company. Despite our small size when measuring number of employees, we are in fact a mighty machine that launches brands, create[...] Read More

November, 29 2011

Is Lady Luck on Your Side?

By Becky Carr Are you as envious as I of those people who know exactly what they want to do “when they grow up” and don’t let anything stand in their way of reaching their goal? I count those people a[...] Read More

November, 11 2011

“What’s Next?” Green Grass and…

No matter what it is, how important or pressing, how successful it'll be, how committed we are to it; it will never be as seductive as what's about to come and is just on the periphery. Read More


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