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Your next webinar will build participation and run like a well-oiled machine when you follow the steps in our toolkit.

This toolkit provides the following:

  • Webinar Strategy Template
  • Pre-Webinar Checklist 
  • Webinar Timeline: Countdown to Success

Practical Tips You WILL ReceIve:

  • A strategy template that will help you plan more efficiently and create a thorough, historic document to continue building upon your efforts.
  • The pre-webinar checklist will ensure that you're prepared for all the small details and ready to go for a smooth run on the day of your webinar.
  • The timeline helps you map the timing for each activity starting 8-weeks prior all the way through to what you should do after the webinar.

"All of our campaigns were very successful. In particular, when we partnered with Marsden to do a webinar....we had about 500 people sign up. About 450 of those got on the webinar, stayed, and listened to it all the way through. It was pretty amazing that we were able to reach that many interested people."

-Marketing Manager at Southwire