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From Strategy to Results:
B2B Demand Generation Fundamentals to Maximize ROI

Did your leads dry up last year as you quickly shifted your budget to all digital spend? Are you getting antsy about your marketing pipeline? Then check out this guide.

It provides actionable advice for now and what's next to:

  • Accelerate leads and attract new business 
  • Get more $$ from current clients 
  • Maximize your marketing dollars for the best ROI 

If you are looking for the best B2B lead generation practices then this is the guide for you.


Practical Tips You WILL LEarn:

  • How to tightly align sales and marketing to close more business
  • Why segmentation, targeting, and personalization are key to generating demand and increasing sales
  • Customer-centric approach to filling the funnel with content that engages and educates, not sells
  • Method to understand and compare channels that are the right mix for your program
  • Understanding and managing your MarTech stack and developing a strategy to better align your technology budget with your organization’s goals

"Inbound leads rose by over 1,000 within a month, and Marsden Marketing consistently helps grow revenue in all their collaborations. They understand the needs and the appropriate technologies, and they offer personalized attention from every level of their hierarchy."

-Becky Carr, CMO at Masergy